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Management Consulting 
and Professional Services

Welcome to Melkki!


We are here to help you tackle your toughest business and IT challenges. Our experienced professionals can step in as consultants, program managers or interim leaders to guide your transformation on all matters of business.


We focus on creating value from day one and our services are built on these key principles:

Practical Experience: Our team brings years of diverse experience, ensuring a fast and lasting impact on your business and IT.

Analytical Approach: We start by analyzing your current operating model and capabilities, then work to bridge the gap to your target state.

Unbiased: As an independent boutique consultancy, we provide advice without any external influences.

What is Melkki

Melkki is a Finnish management consulting boutique providing a technology management consulting and professional leaders services.

Our philosophy is to create value from day one. Our flexible team of consultants work iteratively in time-boxed sprints, and engagements proceed phase by phase – meaning, that our clients can rely on results continuously thru out the engagement. From day one, we focus on building our clients' own competencies, skills and knowledge – consequently, our clients are fully equipped and ready after our consultants have finished project goals.

Our client base consists of companies of various sizes, from mid- and large cap. Client industries range from manufacturing to media, finance, healthcare, retail, energy, industrial service, construction and technology. We serve clients both in Finland and in the Nordics.


Melkki is a proudly independent, unbiased company – we provide honest and undivided business approach.​​

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Our Story

Melkki was founded in 2015 with the aim to provide strategic IT sourcing and management consultancy, based on strong and extensive experience and vision from the client side of the table. We have experience from being in client's shoes and executing strategic changes and especially, living with these decisions and choices.

The founders themselves had been in director roles and had searched for help and advices for their work - without finding good enough consultant services. And that's when the idea then was born: Maybe we need to provide such services by ourselves.

Today Melkki is well established and financially sound company, where most people still have experience in working at the client side. Our aim is to help our clients do their work and decisions better, more efficiently and with shorter deployment times and less cost.




Our Purpose and Values

We create sustainable impact by doing things differently.


  • we are devoted to our clients' success​

  • we care about each other and are inclusive​

  • we love what we do and do what we love​


  • we have the skills and ambition to challenge the ordinary

  • we embrace change

  • we are fearless and dare to be different


  • we keep learning everyday​

  • we foster diversity

  • we develop and grow as individuals, team and company

  • we help our clients grow

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