Our Team: Jukka


Who are you Jukka?

I'm an easygoing person who enjoys following where the world is going, from politics, technology, to anything new and interesting!  

How did you end up in Melkki?

Melkki had risen to my knowledge through a friend / former Melkki employee, who recommended the company as a place that truly cares about your career development and overall wellbeing. Having worked for a large corporation focusing on IT development for the beginning of my career, I felt a need to gain new skills and experience. Services provided by Melkki, from IT focused business development, strategy to agile sourcing, were a perfect fit to the areas I wanted to grow my skills in. So joining the team was an easy decision to make!

How do you like spending your free time?

I fill most of my free time with sports. You can find me driving mountain bikes, climbing or in the gym. Other than sports, I like playing board games with friends, cooking all kinds of specialities, and occasionally taking photos. And always love to try out new activities!

Your super-power? 

Agility, my endless interest to learn and try out new things make it easy for me to jump from one thing to another!