Our Team: Minna

Minna 01.jpeg

Who are you Minna?

I'm a person that in her little world is doing her best to save the world, or at least one tiny piece of it. I am intrigued by how the world operates and interested in the stories of the ordinary people, much more than following the famous ones. I do love open (and even heated) debate about politics, religion and any other topics that often can be deemed as “off limit” for discussion and unfortunately this is becoming more and more difficult because of the divide in our society and the whole world. We tend to put people in “boxes” and see things with strong black and white division, lacking constructive dialogue with each other. I am happy that I can have interesting weekly discussions with my mom and a couple of close friends and colleagues on topics that really matter, not just talk about the weather!


How did you end up in Melkki?

In 2020 I was growing increasingly tired of the heavy bureaucracy you experience in large corporations and wanted to go back to my “roots” i.e. IT sourcing and supplier management. Then I came across Melkki and immediately got intrigued by the Agile Sourcing concept. I saw a big opportunity to develop this practice to the benefit of both the IT Sales and Sourcing communities by making the process more efficient and impactful to all parties. I also saw this a great opportunity to develop myself professionally. And of course I was excited to get back in a consulting and customer facing role.

What do you enjoy the most at Melkki?

The easy going working atmosphere and exciting customers. It’s nice to work with a team of professionals who are committed to the same goals and who help each other out. I do enjoy a lot also my role in developing our Agile Sourcing practices with the team, testing new approaches and continuously improving.


What do you think of diversity in Melkki?

Well, we have work still to be done. Even though we have a good “Finnish mix” in terms of gender, age, experience etc, we can for sure grow outside this area. For instance, we only have two non-Finns in the team at the moment and we could do with more women overall not only in Melkki but in the industry as well. There is however a genuine objective within Melkki to create a good balance for diversity.


What would you tell your younger self?

I would certainly tell to do some university studies on Political and Social Sciences!

And I would also tell myself to explore the world a lot more.

Even though I did some of that actually…I spent one year in the US as an exchange student during high school, lived twice in Sweden in Stockholm at a later stage, then a few years in the UK outside London and also in New York for one year – absolutely love New York and feel like home there!


How do you like spending your free time?

First of all I love dancing Argentinian Tango and all sorts of Latin dances. I also enjoy cross country skiing, and I did it well before it became a very popular sport. And then there is a chapter of my life dedicated to art and culture: I could not live without theater and art exhibitions! And maybe worth mentioning that I also do some volunteering as a mediator in dispute and crime cases in the city of Espoo. Charity is also close to my heart even if giving just a bit I feel it is important, if everyone would give a little, would we have suffering children in the world?!


One funny fact to close?

Well define “funny”, but what comes to my mind is the fact that not many people know that I have been in a few dance documentaries in TV and also in a TV movie as a stand-in for the dancing scenes. Right after the TV film project I visited a friend in a small Greek island. Before I knew it I found myself in front of a queue of local men who wanted to dance with a “film star” whom they thought had made a film in Hollywood. Who was I to tell them I only had appeared a few minutes in a UK TV movie and to smash their moment of fame dancing with a film star??