Meet Our Employee: Samuli Tahvanainen, Senior Consultant

Name: Samuli Tahvanainen

Position: Senior Consultant

Specialty/expertise areas: ERP/CRM deployment project management, GDPR and service innovation management, industry expertise in Media & Publishing

What is your background and what brought you to Melkki?

I studied at University of Jyväskylä Faculty of Information Technology and majored in Information System Sciences. I finished my studies in 2018 with a Master’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration.

What brought me here is a nice story! Towards the end of my studies, I was already working part-time in a big consulting company in Helsinki. I was in a really good position, as I had the opportunity to continue with this company after my graduation. All seemed to be set, but then I happened to bump into an old Uni friend at our student association’s annual ball. She was working for this recruiting company and told she had this interesting, young and highly potential consulting start-up as her client, and that they were looking for a Consultant in a junior role. I got interested and I decided to apply. Soon, I found myself in an interview in Melkki’s office in Helsinki, sitting and talking with these guys. I immediately saw that they (Melkki’s co-founders) had something special, and that they knew what they were doing.

The interview went quite well, and naturally I brought up that I had another offer on the table as well. They had a private discussion, and few moments later they handed me an offer, and it was more competitive than the one I had already received. Then, we just shook hands, and the next day I started to familiarize myself with one of the client projects. Looking back, I am genuinely happy that I took the leap of faith with joining a small company taking its first steps towards something great. Interestingly, the options were very different, this ‘Goliath’ of business consulting and then the ‘David’ – Melkki – that had this potential that was difficult to unsee.

What does your typical workday as Senior Consultant consist of?

There is no typical day for management consultant – the days and tasks vary by client project contents (see Samuli’s ideal day in Figure 1.) In essence, my responsibility as a Project lead is to follow up progress, solve Client’s problems and of course remove any obstacles that could prohibit the project from proceeding and reaching its goals. I focus on making sure that the right things are done at the right time, and that the team members have everything they need in order to succeed with their current and upcoming tasks.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I think the best part is that I can truly create value by helping our Clients to solve their problems and overall, do things that help them to succeed now and in the future. It really feels great. And especially when I’m able to exceed their expectations. By working at Melkki in particular, I have a full freedom to work by the means I choose to and see most fitting for the case. Personally, I always strive to work hard, but never with a dull face – I think work needs to be enjoyable and fun, too.

What is your advice on young people aspiring a business consulting career?

Study something related technology; majority of the change programs organizations initiate today are somewhat related to technologies. Business transformation and change management are also useful topics to understand. Consulting is a people business, so it’s vital to have highly developed interpersonal skills as well. It is much easier to make an impact to people, when you have the correct “soft skills” in place.

Any plans for the summer vacation coming up?

Many! Besides spending time with my friends and family, I’ve a few mountain bike trips coming up – one to Eastern Finland and the other to Lapland. I’m also looking forward spending more time in my summer cottage at a lakefront near Hämeenlinna. It still has some work to be done, but it has been progressing nicely.