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Do you have high performing IT?


Most leaders struggle to measure IT effectiveness and the maturity of critical capabilities.


We want to enable our clients to better understand the factors affecting their IT performance and business value delivery.

IT Effectiveness Assessment


Powered by Innovation Value Institute, this short assessment will give you instant insights on:  

  • Capability gaps in your IT organization that are limiting the performance and delivery of business value and innovation

  • Relevant benchmarks against other organizations

  • Initial structure to understand which best practice improvements in IT performance may be relevant for your goal attainment, and how to measure them over time.

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Melkki partnered with IVI to offer clients world class management toolkits and best practices for IT design, innovation, organisation and strategy.

The IVI, co-founded by Maynooth University and Intel in 2006, is a multidisciplinary research institute focused on digital transformation and technology adoption. Since 2009, IVI has been developing a framework called the IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF).

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