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Sept 11, 2020
Tivi September 2020 –
Cloud - the do's and dont's

The benefits of increased Cloud adoption are undeniable. Thus, the road to a 'job well done' and a complete maturity level lies long ahead for us.

Glaston's CIO Janne Puhakka, OP's CTO Sami Luokkamäki and YIT's Chief Enterprise Architect Marko Väyrynen discuss about Cloud together with Melkki in Tivi's September issue. 

Jan 1, 2020
Tivi Decemeber 2019 –
Lean and agile meet IT outsourcing

IT sourcing has been done in the same way for the past decades yet it's no longer efficient nor rational – Melkki is changing this by combining lean, agile and lean Start up.

Metso's CIO Vesa Erolainen and Petri Imberg discuss about Agile Sourcing with Melkki in Tivi's biannual CIO issue.


SSAB SmartSteel is a business concept for digitalized and automated Steel lifecycle management and value proposition for the entire manufacturing ecosystem. Melkki’s ‘Ideation to Delivery’ –methodology provided effective tool for the concept creation and product development activities in SSAB.

Glaston streamlines ICT services by outsourcing global infrastructure services, end user services and application management services to Tieto. Consolidation of ICT services to one provider allows Glaston to focus on core business, digitalization and IoT. Melkki supports Glaston in contract negotiation and transition.

A Finnish mutual pension insurance company and largest Finnish private investor streamlined and outsourced IT Services. Melkki supported Varma through the entire process from service portfolio creation thru competitive bidding process to service transition to steady state service delivery.

Melkki supported and advised YIT, the largest Finnish and significant North European construction company and urban developer, in factory ERP requirement specification, competitive bidding, selection and contract negotiation. Additionally, Melkki supported YIT in the competitive bidding of RFID technology equipment and software.

Uponor, a global pioneer in intelligent plumbing and climate solutions, outsourced application management services and technology services. Melkki advised and supported Uponor in vendor selection and contract negotiations.

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