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Technology Cost Management

We create clarity in the current as-is state and define cost baselines. We help you in communicating IT costs to business

Client Issues and Needs

  • Understand current cost state

  • Budgeting, Business Case support

  • Update allocation principles, gain transparency

  • Update technology operating model

  • Cost reduction need

  • Cost optimization need

  • Scenarios, roadmap


Example Services

  •  Cost Baselines

  • Cost reduction/ optimization opportunities identification

  • Roadmap creation

  • Support in roadmap execution

  • Support in creation of cost transparent allocation principles and chargeback principles

  • Agile sourcing 

  • Professional services for benefit realisation 

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Digital Transformation

We bring our expertise to help you develop business models, commercialisation and pricing strategies that will create business value. Innovation without profit is just nice ideas. We know how to close the gap.

Client Issues and Needs

  • Revenue/profitability lagging

  • Digital customer service and channels

  • Digital strategy lacking or in need of update/uplift

  • Lacking understanding of market opportunity

  • Productization missing

  • Pricing of new/enhanced digital services

  • Need to understand enablers capabilities to realize

  • Delivery plan and capability for the digital strategy missing or not available

  • Sourcing strategy lacking 

Example Services

  • Digital strategy development

  • Market mapping

  • Business modelling

  • Value capturing and pricing strategies

  • E2E model for digital services

  • IT strategy development supporting digital

  • Agile sourcing method and execution

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IT Strategy

We support the alignment between business and IT, through industry insights, experience from peers and other industries.

Client Issues and Needs

  • Lacking alignment between Business and IT

  • Organizational design required

  • Operating model definition

  • Capabilities analyses/uplift

  • Sourcing strategy

  • Technology cost management

  • Service / Contract Health Check

Example Services

  • Operating model development

  • Technology strategy

  • Organisation design work

  • Capability analysis and uplift support

  • Sourcing strategy

  • Cybersecurity

  • Technology cost management

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M&A for Technology and IT

We bring our experience from several M&A cases to complement your internal functions in the time of change. We will support you throughout the process, from the deal to the execution. 

Client Issues and Needs

  • IT  Due Diligence

  • Digital Service Due Diligence

  • Business Case 

  • Change management

  • Sourcing activities

  • Resource shortage

Example Services

  • Tech and IT Due Diligence (buy-side and sell-side)

  • Digital service Due Diligence

  • Business case creation and verification

  • Agile sourcing

  • Program/Project management

  • Change management

  • Experience sharing from number of M&A activities 

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Professional Services

When you have a temporary need for a certain expertise, we can come and work as part of your organisation, for the time that it is needed. 

Client Issues and Needs

  • Interim resourcing

  • Gap in specific skills area (technology/industry/business area ex. ERP)

  • Customer functionality suffering from resource gap, for example sourcing function

  • Temporary need (ex resignation)

Example Services

  • Program/project management resourcing

  • Interim resourcing

  • Backfilling 

Selected References

Forest Trees
Digital Readiness Assessment

Are you ready to turn your digital potential into reality? 

Every single organization has embarked on a digital transformation to remain competitive, meet evolving customer demands and create new drivers for value creation. 


By understanding the opportunities and challenges within the stage of your digital journey, it’s easier to define the strategic direction – and to know how to best capture digital opportunies across your business.

New Growth
IT Capabilities Maturity Assessment

How mature is your IT function?



Most leaders struggle to measure IT effectiveness and the maturity of critical capabilities. 


We want to enable our clients to better understand the factors affecting their IT performance and business value delivery.

How can we help you?
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