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Our Team: Liisa


On Utö island

Who are you Liisa?

Hello! I'm a positive, energetic and outgoing person. I enjoy meeting people and having interesting discussions with them - it can be either professional or personal discussion where I can learn something from another person - or maybe give some new food for thought to the other person. Many people would say I'm an extrovert - but the truth is that I'm somewhere in between introvert and extrovert; I also need my own time without social contacts.

My dream world is such where people care about each other and help others unselfishly. And it also happens every now and then, there are still so many good people in this world! My glass is always half-full!

How did you end up in Melkki?

I wanted to find a company where I can grow professionally, whose values match my own and which has nice colleagues to work with. These are the main reasons why I joined Melkki.

And to be honest, as a boater I saw company's name Melkki like a sign to me: Melkki is an island outside of Helsinki.

What have been your first feelings at Melkki?

I have happily noticed that the reasons why I joined Melkki are real. There was a very warm welcome and I have so nice and competent colleagues! Looking forward to this journey together. :)

How do you like spending your free time?

I love boating and sea and Finnish Archipelago! I just can't get enough of it! That's the reason why I ended up living 3 months on my boat last summer - it was awesome!

I also have 2 dogs so walking and wandering in the woods with them is also "a hobby". When possible, I also go to gym or jogging. I enjoy gigs and concerts and hope soon there will be again lots of those. And I never say no to a good party, dancing and seeing friends!

Your motto?

Life is only a one-way trip, happening once - right now. I try to live fully and enjoy every moment of it. And love - it's the most important thing that remains when we are gone.

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