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Melkki & Stockmann: Tangible And Sustainable Impact Delivered With Speed

Redefining what success looks like with a bold and innovative set of performance metrics

Background & Challenge

Everybody knows Stockmann in Finland. The flagship Stockmann department store is one of the most well-known landmarks in Helsinki. Established over 150 years ago Stockmann has pioneered modern marketing practices in Finland such as customer loyalty programs.

Covid has been hitting many retailers hard and put an additional strain also on Stockmann which was in the middle of a restructuring program in the end of 2020. In practise this meant that efficiencies had to be looked for everywhere – including IT –and the window of time to create tangible benefits was extremely short.

Our Approach

Melkki’s lean and iterative agile sourcing process was fit for the very aggressive time schedule. One crucial success factor in Melkki’s approach is the significant engagement by the client’s organisation which is truly working as one unified team with Melkki team. This was made easy by the professional and dedicated IT Leadership Team of Stockmann who worked relentlessly on achieving the deadline with us in a co-creative way.

Impact & Value Delivered

The project delivered the ambitious target savings by the deadline and implemented also very bold performance metrics for IT. Thanks to the openness and innovativeness of the Stockmann team, the number of SLA metrics was reduced from over 20 to a meaningful 3 KPI’s. The objective was to have metrics that are only truly essential in driving the service performance to the desired quality level, with a win-win approach creating value for Stockmann and the service provider.

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