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IT Strategy & Operations

We have the experience to help you define and optimize your IT strategy and Operations. We will work with your team to design, verify and implement solutions that support your company's Business Strategy.

Example of Services

Strategy & Operating models  

Assessing the current status and defining target state for IT Strategy, operating model, organization, capabilities, alignment with the business Strategy.



Bridging the gap between strategy and execution, with focus on IT Service management, Application rationalization, Cost efficiency.


M&A advisory

Support for large M&A cases with focus on IT, leading the IT stream with PMO and advisory role related to IT strategy, Operating model, outsourcing etc.

Selected References

Large Industrial corporations

We have led the IT stream for a large M&A case between two industry leaders with focus on Program management, Strategy, organization design and Operating model of the newly established IT function.


A Finnish mutual pension insurance company and largest Finnish private investor streamlined and outsourced IT Services. Melkki supported Varma through the entire process from service portfolio creation thru competitive bidding process to service transition to steady state service delivery.

Agile Sourcing

We use a proven approach to create sustainable value through Sourcing, in a more efficient way. By focusing on outcome in an iterative way, we ensure our clients and their suppliers will get the most out of their partnership.

Example of Services


We define the goals for the service in subject, the scope covered, target SLAs, supplier selection criteria, negotiation strategy.



We follow the service provider solution design, aligning  on the pricing modelling, business case preparation and due diligence.



We support the client through the negotiation phase until the purchase order is placed, and transition plans are ready.


Implementation &Transition

We finalize with exit agreement, change order negotiation, implementation & transition.

Selected References


We led the entire process for many clients and a wide variety of IT services: from Digital platforms and Business applications to Infrastructure, Telecom to networking and End user services. They all have one element in common: we delivered significant impact in short time.

Digital Transformation and business development

We bring our expertise to help you develop business models, commercialisation and pricing strategies that will create business value. Innovation without profit is just nice ideas. We know how to close the gap.

Example of Services

Market Opportunity Plan

Scan the growth opportunities by analysing customer drivers, target market and potential size, indicative revenue contribution, competitive landscape, fit with the current capabilities



Ideation to Delivery

Develop and test the hypothesis for the new products/services, value proposition, business model, pricing strategies, proof of concept, business case



Service portfolio streamlining

Review the portfolio of products/services with a strategic fit analysis and business case modelling

Selected References

Image by Richard Horvath
Digital Readiness Assessment

Are you ready to turn your digital potential into reality? 

Every single organization has embarked on a digital transformation to remain competitive, meet evolving customer demands and create new drivers for value creation. 


By understanding the opportunities and challenges within the stage of your digital journey, it’s easier to define the strategic direction – and to know how to best capture digital opportunies across your business.

Image by Héctor J. Rivas
IT Capabilities Maturity Assessment

How mature is your IT function?



Most leaders struggle to measure IT effectiveness and the maturity of critical capabilities. 


We want to enable our clients to better understand the factors affecting their IT performance and business value delivery.

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